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HP Laser paper matt A4 100sheet (Q6550A)

HP Laser paper matt A4 100sheet


HP Professional Matt Laser Photo Paper 200 g/m²-A4/210 x 297 mm/100 sht
  • Tuote Print Media


This bright white A4 photo paper features a matt coating on both sides for outstanding colour photos. This, combined with its 200 g/m² weight, makes it ideal for in-house printing of professional-quality, image-intensive colour documents.

Ominaisuudet ja edut

    Ultra-smooth matt coating on both sides delivers breathtakingly rich, vibrant colours. Produce professional-looking photos and photo-intensive documents from your colour laser printer or copier. Bright white paper ensures superb contrast and true colours.
  • Sturdy 200 g/m² paper gives an impressively heavy, substantial feel to your photos and marketing materials. Immediate impact makes this superb paper perfect for cover sheets as well as entire high value presentations. Ultra-smooth matt surface also ensures a quality feel – people notice it as soon as they touch it. Part of a growing family of HP laser photo papers, enabling you to choose the size and finish that’s most appropriate for the job.
  • High opacity paper – produce one-sided or two-sided documents with no show-through. Choose it when you need to make an impression – ideal for high value, customer-facing materials such as brochures, leaflets, signs and other sales tools. Allows rapid, cost-effective in-house production of short-run, professional quality materials that would otherwise require an external print shop.


Designed for customers wanting to use their HP LaserJet printers to produce rich, vibrant colour photos and photo-intensive marketing materials. The ability to print on both sides makes this 200 g/m², A4 paper ideal for leaflets and brochures.

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